Cowboys and Aliens…

Cowboys and Aliens…


Happy New Month dear readers!!

I am trying so hard to fight the urge of playing  John Denver’s – Take me home country roads song as I write this. I guess you can’t avoid country music when cowboys come to mind.The most exciting part about this post is working with a team of strangers now friends, who see the dream,want to be part of it and eventually make it a success.


The choice of the cowboy look was majorly inspired by movies… I am no herder, neither do I have a horse or cattle: the closest I will get to being a cattle owner in the near future is when my bride price will be delivered.

All the pieces put together here: boots, jeans/khaki pants, shirt,waist coat, the big buckle belts and hats are in all our wardrobes. More often than not, we wear them separately. When put on all together,  this is the end result.

The cowboy look says a million things…

The look depicts courage, being in control,tenacity,independence and honor… I could go on and on because most of my movie heroes are dressed as cowboys. So, why not go try that cowboy look and discover what it speaks to you…

Your questions, comments and thoughts are the seeds that grow us. feel free to share a part of you with us…

Guests :

Joan, Korney and Shiro

Photography by:

Otieno Nyadimo

Shoot location:

View point – Mahi Mahiu road



Love & love

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