About that Tomboy lifestyle II…

About that Tomboy lifestyle II…


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The responses to this  GIVEAWAY  turned us (the team at She’s A Tomboy) into hunters, quite literally – on this social media space. There have been a lot of questions  from the fans all around the country on how they can be part of She’s A Tomboy.

So, about that lifestyle section will be dedicated to our fans. Remember our first ?  We will hand pick, have more giveaways, try have activities to make sure most of your interests are taken care of.

On this second feature, Korney shares a piece of her style with us.

We can’t thank her enough for making the time to come from Nanyuki to be part of She’s A Tomboy. Love & love.

Photography by:

Otieno Nyadimo

Shoot location:

View point – Mahi Mahiu road

Meet Korney…

How would you describe Korney ?

Professionally : I am a trained medic with the military and trained social worker from Daystar university. I am jovial, funny, very talkative and outgoing. An extrovert and the loudest girl in my circles.

What do you like doing for fun?

In no particular order: Food, Music and Books – I like being up-to-date.

How would describe your style?

More of  girl meets  boy… I can be girly without heels though I am more comfortable in my loafers and boots. So probably experimenting on that thin line of girl wear and boy wear.

Why this style?

Just being comfortable in my skin.

What do your friends and family think about your style?

Hahahahaha, they want to be me! I can pull off anything anytime!

Any favorite attire?

My cammies (camouflage uniforms). Thank God for my job in the military.

If you were to give advice on personal image, what would you tell the world?

Be you. Be comfortable. Smile.

What do you think about She’s A Tomboy?

She’s A Tomboy is a good stage for us to show case that our style is dope! We are still beautiful in our shorts and vests. Good job. No comparison

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Any thoughts? Feel free to leave it here…

Love & love



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